I have been a musician since I was 11. At that time I got my first guitar, which was an electric guitar. It was by a brand called Memphis and they made these small, child-sized electric guitars. The thing I wanted to do most, besides play well, was write songs. As soon as I learned enough about chords and melodies, I wrote little guitar instrumentals. It was awesome and exciting to begin doing this! Since then, I like to think that I have improved as a songwriter, adding vocals and a full band.

Like most musicians I was in several bands throughout the years. At first I was writing, but not singing. Later on I discovered that I liked to use my voice, so my music morphed into alternative indie rock, using my own vocals.

In 2015 I released my first two albums. The first was Saraswati Radio and the second was Vagabond’s Wealth. They were challenging yet thrilling to complete. The song “You’ll See” from Vagabond’s Wealth was a semifinalist in the International Songwriting Competition, a competition which had about 18,000 submissions. This is something I am very proud of myself for achieving!

In 2019 I released my third album, The Warmth Inside. A beautiful compliment to the first two albums and one I had the pleasure of mixing and mastering myself!

I feel really good about all of my albums & I hope my songs connect with you in some way!

Some blog posts about my music:

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