Vagabond's Wealth

1. Before I Lose You

2. Leave the Cold

3. Get Me Out

4. You’ll See

5. More Reasons

6. Carolyn

7. Departure

8. Empty Pages

9. Count Away

10. It Sang


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Saraswati Radio

1. Holy Enemy

2. Conquest

3. Hangin’ Round

4. Headlights

5. Miss Moss

6. Lazy Bones

7. See You Win

8. Standing Still

9. The Dark

10. Stumbled


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recording strat_4

The year of 2015 has been a full one. I finally decided to release my music as a solo artist. That meant throwing away the idea of putting a band together, going into the studio with a bunch of material and coming out the other end with a band-effort-result. I would instead, put my name (Paul Bohak) on the cover and perform and program all of the music. I never thought I’d ever release music as a solo artist, but after the idea was settled, I went to work finishing a number of songs I had been working on for the past few years. Saraswati Radio was released on April 7th of 2015 and Vagabond’s Wealth was released on July 7th of 2015. I feel good about both of them and am so pleased to share them with the world!